Plywood Manufacturing

MBC World Vision Pvt. Ltd. (MBC) provides highly efficient solutions for the manufacture of plywood in a wide variety of wood and qualities.The demand for plywood is directly related to the growth of the housing construction sector, household and office furniture’s, vehicles assembly and repair service. The industry is highly fragmented.
MBC World Vision’s objective is to create and maintain a sustained competitive advantage in product offerings, after-sales-service and introducing new technologies in order to meet customer’s needs as a complete solution provider.

Our products are the result of years of pioneering research and development in the area of plywood, hardboard and laminates. Our careful analysis at each and every stage of the manufacturing, packaging and distribution process allows us deep insights into the entire value creation process. It is this deep knowledge that guarantees utmost reliability in all National products and gives us the impetus to drive our R & D further to realize unmet demand.